Homemade Mole Repellent

Moles feed on insects in the soil and generally cause no harm to gardens, plants and crops. However, their tunnels, burrows and constant digging dislodge plants and cause the roots to dry out. Commercial baits and traps designed to kill moles are available or you can create your own mole repellent to drive them out of your yard without causing the mammal harm.

Sounds and Vibrations

Implementing noises and vibrations can disrupt the moles sensitive hearing, which they use to catch prey. Push empty glass bottles into the soil allowing 1 inch of the bottle’s neck to protrude out of the soil. The wind will blow across the tops of the bottles creating a whistling sound. This sound interferes with the mole’s hearing, disrupting their hunting capabilities. If possible, insert more than one glass bottle into the soil creating a row near the area where moles are a problem. Another option is to insert toy windmills into the soil. When the wind blows, the toy windmills begin to move which sends vibrations into the soil.

Garlic and Red Pepper

Garlic has a strong odor, which is offensive to the highly sensitive noses of moles. Tossing freshly crushed garlic cloves into the mole’s run will irritate the moles and repel them at of the area. Another option is to sprinkle garlic powder, red pepper powder or chili powder into the tunnel holes. All these spices have a pungent odor that will confuse and irritate the mole.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is derived from the castor bean. This colorless, tasteless and odorless oil has a wide array of uses including as a food additive and laxative. It is also used to create a homemade mole repellent. Castor oil mole repellent consists of 8 tablespoons of castor oil, 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap and 1 gallon of water mixed together thoroughly. Pour this mixture into the mole’s runs to drive the annoying rodents out of your yard. You can also spray this mixture on plants and soil around the area where moles are active.


Moles regularly abandon their tunnels and create new ones. Your yard is probably filled with at least a few tunnels some of them not even being used by the moles. To increase the effectiveness of the mole repellant recipe, apply the repellent to the tunnel the moles are currently using. To locate the new tunnel, use your foot to flatten down a small section of their tunnel. A day or two later, the moles will have rebuilt the tunnel they are still using.

Another way to increase the effectiveness of the homemade mole repellant is to use several methods in conjunction with each other. For example, use the castor oil recipe and glass bottle repellant together or the noisy toy windmills with garlic powder. The more repellents you use the more likely the moles will leave your yard.

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